Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Fall Update

I can't even believe it has been over three months since my last post! It probably goes without saying, but our energies have been intently focused on our family and settling into a new normal.  I'm not one to sugarcoat the truth; the past three months have been challenging (some days are more challenging than others). In the midst of the challenges, Makenna has woven her way into the deepest part of our hearts.  She is a little girl with a strong spirit and will, yet each week, we begin to see her vulnerability to us increase - her trust is building and it is a beautiful sight to behold.

The honeymoon is definitely over, I went back to work, all three kids started back to school, and we were back at the baseball fields! As I look back at our wait to travel and all the hiccups along the way, it is so clear to see that God had a plan all along. I count it such a blessing that my time off from work started on the last week of school and ended the week school started - how incredible is that?!? I was so blessed to spend the entire summer home with my three children. 

Makenna LOVES school - I can't even describe how nervous we were about her adjustment to school and she never shed a tear (unlike Mommy!). She is truly thriving and learning more everyday. We love to hear her sing new songs and tell us stories about her friends.

A lot of people ask us how Megan and Matthew are adjusting to their little sister - these two kids amaze me. They have lived through the rough transition with us on a daily basis, and they continue to love her daily and extend grace through all the difficult times. They are doing great and we are so proud of them!

What else???... After three and a half months of sleeping on a mattress on Makenna's floor, I am back in my own bed! Jason & I even had a date night at the end of September.

Here are some pictures from the last three months!

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