Our Call to Adopt

Jason and I have talked about growing our family through adoption since we first met.  We always knew we wanted to have two or three children and hoped to have both biological and adopted.  After having Megan and Matthew born under two years, our hearts and home were full (and busy!).  In many ways we felt max-ed out!  Jason was working long hours and multiple jobs while I stayed home to raise our children and take care of the home front.  I often refer to that as our growing period – we were stretched and challenged in many ways, and ultimately, we were forced to live on faith, and God provided everything we needed during that time.  Very shortly after Matthew was born, Jason and I both decided that if we were to have a third child, it would be an adopted child.  We were both content with the decision and closed the book on having more biological children.  Some people may wonder if we ever regretted the decision to not have additional biological children, the answer is a resounding no.  There were times during these past eight years, when friends were pregnant and having a third baby, that I had wished we could have another.  But, my motivation to have another baby at those times was not a pure motivation to bring another child into our home.  I firmly believe that the Lord has walked us through each of these life decisions to bring us where we are today - - ready to bring home our daughter waiting for us in China!

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  1. Congrats on your Travel Approval. We received our daughter EmmaLin last year at the end of June. We were a family of four as well and now five. Seems like she has always been with us since birth. Wouldn't have it any other way.