April 2012

One of the reasons that we kept putting adoption off was simply the cost involved.  There are a lot of details and organizations involved which adds up to a significant financial impact.  Generally speaking, I do not like fundraisers!  I cringe when fundraisers come home from school – the last thing I ever want to do is make someone feel like they are obligated to support our kids or an organization.  God has been tweaking my heart regarding the fundraising for our adoption expenses.  The estimated cost is roughly $30,000 – that’s a big number and certainly a number that can’t be found in our bank account!  From the time Jason & I began discussing jumping into the adoption journey – the Lord has filled my heart with a sense of peace regarding the financial components.  We trust that He will provide the funds we need to travel this journey, whether that is through grants, gifts or fundraising opportunities.  If the Lord leads you to travel this journey together with us through financial assistance, we would certainly welcome your companionship, prayer and gifts of support. 
It still feels very weird for me to ask that of people…  I always believed that I shouldn’t ask for more than I have, or complain about my current situation – God has given me everything that I need, who am I to ask for more?  God continues to prick my heart telling me to get out of the way this time – it’s not about me, it’s about Him bringing our daughter home.  God’s ways are higher than mine.  If you feel the Lord tugging at your heart, please pray for us, and most importantly, please join us in praying for the sweet girl waiting to join our family forever.
We are already starting to plan some Fundraising events and opportunities for you to join us in fulfilling our adoption mission… stay tuned on our blog for more information soon!

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