Why China?

My initial response to our call to adoption was to look at China.  I honestly can’t say that I know why?  Through the research process, we have looked at many other countries as well as domestic adoption.  We keep coming back to China and the main reason that I feel is because God already knows our daughter is there.  There are many other reasons why we have applied to the China program:
·         China is a Hague convention country, the process and costs are clearly defined and the adoption process is designed to protect the children in this country.  For more information on the Hague Convention, click here: http://adoption.state.gov/hague_convention.php.
·         China has an extensive waiting child program – this program allows the adoption of children with minor/correctable medical needs through a separate referral process.
·         China requires one 12-15 day trip following the referral process, our daughter will return home with us at that time. 
·         Many families that we know through school and friends have adopted a child from China, so we felt that we would have a good support system to walk us through the process and the post-adoption transition. 

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